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I am not a doctor, I am not a healer, I am a Mechanic

“I am not a Healer, I am not a Doctor, I am a mechanic.”

— Lauren Berry


Massage Mechanics

Just like you would take your car to a mechanic to make sure that it is running properly, you should do the same thing with your body.

At Massage Mechanics we take that approach with every client we see at every appointment. It is important to always be taking care of your body to make sure that you get the most out of everyday. Every massage starts with conversation between you and your therapist, we want to know how you're feeling and what may be ailing you so that we have an idea of an action plan for your session so you walk out feeling better then you walked in. We provide a more therapeutic approach to massage therapy by using different techniques such as muscle stripping and trigger point therapy to ensure that we target all areas of the body to help and "fix" whatever may be ailing you. If you have lower back issues it may not actually be your lower back that is causing the issue that is provoking your pain, it may be connected to the way you stand or the shoes on your feet. We like to work with the whole body to get down to the bottom of the discomfort and educate you so that you will be able to make lifestyle changes to help you maintain optimal whole body health.


Hours and Scheduling

Conveniently located at 501 Union Avenue in Laconia NH



Everything you may want to know from what to expect when you get a massage to what we use for products to our cancelation policy can be found here.


Professional Memberships

Lyndsey is a proud member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. With this membership she is provided continued education and all the appropriate insurances.

Heres what a few of our clients have to say...

I had my first massage at Massage Mechanics and it was wonderful. Lyndsey made me feel completely comfortable the entire time. She took time to explain what to expect, the areas and order she would massage, and made sure that the amount of pressure she was applying wasn't too intense. She is super personable, extemely knowledgable, and is very thorough when explaining what she is doing. I would recommend Lyndsey to everyone!-Kayla P


Lyndsey gives a fantastic massage. Her massage table is heated which is wonderful. Her use of warm towels is so relaxing. Her massage room is very comforting and makes you feel at ease. She takes the time to ask if you have any areas that are hurting or you want her to work on. Her technique is excellent. She is very knowledgeable. After a massage I walk away feeling so much better than when I walked in. Highly recommend Massage Mechanics!-Kathy L.


I hurt my back working out, and could barely move, and Lindsay was able to get me in the next day. When she was done with the massage I could already feel a difference. The next morning I woke up I felt like a whole new person, she truly is a miracle worker! She has a great sense of humor and is great at what she does !-Ashley D. 


Very impressed with the approach that Lyndsey takes on a Massage. Talks to you on a personal level as she explains why she is working an area and what she expects to find when she gets to other areas of your body. Great to not only get professionalism from her but that personal approach. Have already booked another massage.-Shirley L. 


Lyndsey is a miracle worker! Extremely knowledgeable, really knew how to get to route of the lower back pain brought on from sitting at a desk all day. The effects lasted well after massage was over. The facility was very clean and professional without having that hospital room vibe. She also had a lot of different options if you are short on time. Prices were without a doubt, the lowest in the Lakes Region.-John M. 



If you are looking for a massage experience that is 5 star from start to finish-this is the place! Lyndsey not only makes you feel comfortable immediately, but asks the right questions about your physical and mental health to ensure that she will specialize your visit to your needs. She has extensive knowledge of the human body and shares that knowledge with you as she gives you an incredible massage, so that you can have a better understanding of your body and it's needs. She also sends you home with excellent recommendations for continued benefits of your massage. Highly recommend, in fact, I'm already looking forward to my next appointment!-Sherrilynn D.